Fuze: The Card that Eliminates the Need for Any Other

Fuze card, the world’s thinnest all-in-one smartcard that incorporates all of the cards in your wallet into a single smartcard, is preparing for its final shipment of 20,000 cards to initial consumers next month. The product created a buzz in the payments sector when it was fully funded on Indiegogo in just two hours.

Fuze’s goal is to serve as a solution for those who have wallets packed with more plastic than cash. You can download information from up to 30 cards to its 0.03-inch card that has one encrypted chip. It can store credit, debit, loyalty, rewards or gym cards that the customer can select before swiping. Or, you can take a photo of the card with your smartphone at purchase. To know what card you’re about to access, you don’t have to jump onto your mobile phone, like other smart card solutions out there. Just check the E-Paper display for card names and barcodes, where applicable.

In terms of security, it runs off Bluetooth and your smartphone through an app, which allows you to delete all of your personal information if it’s lost or stolen. Additionally, the card tracks the user’s location and auto-locks when the customer is away to prevent it from unauthorized use. The battery lasts about 30 days before it needs recharging, the company says. Estimated recharging time is 90 minutes.

The South Korea-based company launched on Indiegogo in May where it raised more than $2 million from 20,000 customers from 179 countries. It’s still available through Indiegogo but after its shipment in November, the card will be available for sale on sites like Amazon, starting at $129, says Chief Operations Officer Steven Oh.

Founded in 2012, Fuze Tech, a division of Brilliant TS, was created by an engineering team developing optical trackpads for BlackBerry. The company now has 40 employees with offices in Korea and in Orange, California.

“Our journey began in the early 2000s when I co-founded CrucialTec, which was the only company to successfully miniaturize optical mouse tech into a small module as big as your fingernail. We further developed that technology to develop Fuze Card,” CEO Jaehun Bae said in a release.